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Texas School Builders

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You know the Ratliff name and our legacy of commitment to our Public Schools. 

Meet The Ratliff Group, a national leader in Construction Management, ranked in the top 100 firms in the nation, with a history of service and successful projects for a wide variety of clients across Texas and the United States. We have formed a new division, Texas School Builders, to serve the unique needs of Texas Public Schools and your clients, the students, parents and taxpayers in your district.

Family owned and operated since 2002, we can handle your school projects of any size from start to finish.  For every day projects, let us manage your job-order contracting program for maintenance and small capital projects.  For your larger and more complicated building and bond programs, our specialized team of construction managers can lead your team, help you build one, or bring our team of designers, contractors, and specialists to the team to deliver a successful project.


Texas School Builders is a fully integrated internal division of The Ratliff Group, LLC, and we have the team, the talent and the track record to deliver your project on time and on budget.  

In addition to our track record on projects, we are committed to supporting our local schools, students and teachers.  To learn more about The Ratliff Group, please visit our main webpage at www.ratliffgroup.com.